1 >>In a mortar, the binding material is ? (A) cement (B) sand (C) surkhi (D) cinder. Check Answer 2 >>Lacquer paints ? (A) are generally applied on structural steel (B) are less durable as compared to enamel paints (C) consist of resin and nitro-cellulose (D) all the above. Check Answer 3 >>Wrought iron contains […]

gk hindi

 [nextpage title=”Pretty title”] 1. FMQuestion ? (A) FMOPT1 (B) FMOPT2 (C) FMOPT3 (D) FMOPT4 Check Answer 2. सबसे बड़ा ग्रह है ? (A) बृहस्पति (B) पृथ्वी (C) युरेनस (D) शुक्र Show Answer 3. सबसे छोटा ग्रह है ? (A) मंगल (B) शनि (C) बुध (D) नेप्चून Show Answer 4. अगुलहास धारा किस महासागर में बनती […]

Asstistant Manager Q.C. for Upcoming Project at Kasrawad (m.p.)

DESCRIPTION MULTIPLE POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Lead various cross-functional teams to design, develop, execute and implement revenue-generating and cost-saving projects and programs impacting business and customer experience involving Supply Chain, Retail, Import, Fulfillment Center Customer Service, and related operations by applying Lean/Six Sigma manufacturing operations and best practices to increase efficiency within processes. Develop and execute business […]