Why India’s IIMs Are The Top B-Schools In Asia

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Why India’s IIMs Are The Top B-Schools In Asia

Indian Institutes of Management are the top B schools in Asia. Why? Because they have a dedicated focus on training students to manage global markets and opportunities, an international curriculum, and a diverse student base. If you’re thinking about studying at an IIM school, read this article for advice on how to prepare for the application process!

What is an IIM?

An Institute of International Management (IIM) is a premier business school in India.
The IIMs have consistently been ranked as the best business schools in Asia by a variety of international rankings.
What makes the IIMs so successful?
The IIMs have a strong focus on career development and offer unique curricula that are tailored to the needs of international business students. They also have strong partnerships with global businesses, which allows them to offer real-world experience to their students.

The IIMs boast an excellent faculty, which is composed of top-tier academics from around the world. They also have robust business programs that equip their students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the global marketplace. In addition, the IIMs boast top-notch facilities, which include world-class libraries and classrooms. The IIMs are truly world-class institutions, which is why they continue to be among the most popular business schools in Asia.

How are IIMs different from the other B-Schools in Asia?

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are the best B-Schools in Asia. This is based on a number of factors, including the quality of the curriculum, the caliber of the faculty, and the environment in which students learn. IIMs offer a unique mix of theoretical and practical learning that helps students develop their skills in both business and management. Additionally, IIMs have a strong focus on global perspectives, which makes them well-equipped to help their graduates enter the workforce in a global economy.

How do you get into an IIM?

Getting into an Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is no easy task. The schools are notoriously selective, and there are only a select few hundred seats available each year. The process of getting into an IIM can be broken down into four steps: admissions tests, campus visits, interviews, and finally, financial aid.

The admissions tests for IIMs are notoriously difficult. Applicants must take the IIM Joint Admission Test (JAT), the IIM CAT, or the GMAT. All three exams have a difficulty level that ranges from very easy to very tough. The JAT is a general knowledge test, while the CAT is a mathematics test and the GMAT is a business exam. All three exams are offered twice a year in India; the next round of admissions will be in April 2019.

Once applicants have completed their admissions tests, they must visit the schools on campus. IIMs generally have two campuses: one in Delhi and one in Mumbai. During their campus visits, applicants will interview with faculty members and attend classes. In order to be admitted to an IIM, applicants usually need to score above 50% on all their exams and grades in college.


What is your experience like as a student at an IIM?

IIMs are known for their rigorous academic programs and superb faculty. With campuses in cities all over India, students have access to some of the best education in the world. Whether you’re looking for an elite graduate school or a stepping stone to a career in business, an IIM is a great option. Plus, the cost of tuition is extremely reasonable for the caliber of education you receive.

What are the job prospects for someone with an MBA from an IIM?

The job prospects for someone with an MBA from an IIM are excellent. Many businesses in India and abroad, both small and large, recruit IIM graduates. The main reasons for this are the sharp business academics and the international outlook of the IIMs.

Some of the biggest companies in the world such as Microsoft, Google, Dell, PepsiCo, Apple and Amazon have an IIM graduate on their board of directors or executive team. This shows not only that the MBA from an IIM is a highly- prized qualification, but also that these companies see the value in having an educated workforce from an internationally-renowned institution.


Institute Photo Abbreviation Established[15] Location State/UT NIRF Ranking 2022[16] FT Masters in Mgmt 2021 Global Ranking Notes
IIM Ahmedabad IIM Panorama Ahmedabad.JPG IIM-A 1961 Ahmedabad Gujarat 1 26 [a]
IIM Bangalore IIMB Entrance.jpg IIM-B 1973 Bangalore Karnataka 2 47
IIM Calcutta IIM Calcutta Auditorium 1.jpg IIM-C 1961 Kolkata West Bengal 3 [b]
IIM Lucknow Academic block II of IIM Lucknow.jpg IIM-L 1984 Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 6 79
IIM Kozhikode IIM Kozhikode Aerial View s.jpg IIM-K 1996 Kozhikode Kerala 5 [c]
IIM Indore IIM Indore pano.jpg IIM-I 1996 Indore Madhya Pradesh 7 79
IIM Shillong IIM Shillong Building.jpg IIM-S 2007 Shillong Meghalaya 26
IIM Raipur IIM Raipur.jpg IIM-Raipur 2010 Raipur Chhattisgarh 14 [d]
IIM Ranchi IIM Ranchi academic block.jpg IIM-Ranchi 2010 Ranchi Jharkhand 15 [e]
IIM Rohtak IIM Rohtak Faculty Block.png IIM-Rohtak 2010 Rohtak Haryana 16 [f]
IIM Kashipur Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur.jpg IIM-Kashipur 2011 Kashipur Uttarakhand 23 [g]
IIM Tiruchirappalli IIMT campus under-construction (24669650467).jpg IIM-T 2011 Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu 18 [h]
IIM Udaipur IIM U Hostel.png IIM-U 2011 Udaipur Rajasthan 22 82 [i]
IIM Amritsar IIM Amritsar, Dec 2015.jpg IIM Amritsar 2015 Amritsar Punjab 55 [j]
IIM Bodh Gaya IIMBG.jpg IIM-BG 2015 Bodh Gaya Bihar 73 [k]
IIM Nagpur IIM-N 2015 Nagpur Maharashtra 43 [l]
IIM Sambalpur IIM Sambalpur 2015 Sambalpur Odisha 66 [m]
IIM Sirmaur Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur.jpg IIM Sirmaur 2015 Sirmaur district Himachal Pradesh 69 [n]
IIM Visakhapatnam IIM-V 2015 Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 33 [o]
IIM Jammu IIM Jammu.jpg IIM-J 2016 Jammu Jammu and Kashmir 36 [p]


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